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About the UF Directory:

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The UF Directory system controls many aspects of how individuals and their information are managed at UF. Access rights to many systems are based on "roles"that are assigned within the Directory. Each department has one or more Department Security Administrator(s) (DSA) who can request that a role be associated with a particular user. The DSA is trained in the use of the ARS (Access Request System), a component of the myUFL systems used to request and track access requests.

The UF Directory is the sole source of contact information for the University of Florida’s faculty, staff and students. Each college and department has one or more Directory Coordinator(s) that can manage people's directory information using the Admin Menu in myUFL. Individuals may update their own contact information or ask their Directory Coordinator for assistance.

UF Guest accounts:

This process is changing on November 13th, 2006

Adding Coordinators:

From an IT perspective, one of the most important Directory relationships is the Network Managed BY (NMB) setting. OUAdmins can become UF Directory Coordinators and thus get the ability to set this for their users. To accomplish this, a Unit Department Security Administrator (DSA), with the approval and direction of the unit head, requests the appropriate UF_N_xxx directory roles for the highest level directory control needed using the 8-digit department code for the unit. Nancy Hodge is the contact person at Bridges for any problems related to this process.

Other points of note:

  • Specific step-by-step instructions are available for managing NMB at hire/fire.
  • It may be useful to access the Bridges Alert page, if the portal is acting oddly, in order to see what might be the cause. That site is maintained by the UF Computing Help Desk.

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