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Adding an IFAS
shortcut to
Network Places

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There has been some discussion about ways to move away from dependence on drive mapping.
One idea tendered was to use a GPO enforced logon script to add a shortcut for
\\ad.ufl.edu\ifas to a user's Network Places.
A script for doing that is detailed below.


Set objWSHShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(&H13&)
Set objFolderItem = objFolder.Self
Set objShortcut = objWSHShell.CreateShortcut(objFolderItem.Path & "\IFAS.lnk")
objShortcut.TargetPath = "\\ad.ufl.edu\IFAS"


Due to the objection of some co-managed OU Admins, the implementation of this is left to each unit. The recommended method for implementing this is to add the code directly into your "_IFAS-ou-USERS_autoGS.vbs" file which may be found at "\\ad.ufl.edu\netlogon\IFAS\ou". Of course, substitute your own OU name for ou in these strings.

That will cause the code to run whenever a member of your OU logs onto a computer. Running scripts via group membership is part of the function of the main co-managed "Login Script.vbs" script. That script enumerates group memberships and automatically runs any available scripts that are similarly named.

last edited 12 June 2006 by Steve Lasley