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Active Directory:

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Lead: DeWayne Hyatt


IFAS is a member of the UFAD single-domain forest at the University of Florida.

Getting Started:


Getting Assistance:

  • DeWayne Hyatt is the IFAS point of contact for AD issues although one should email ITNSLAN@ad.ufl.edu for efficiency. At the UF level, Alex York, Andrew Carey and Joe Gasper are available to assist. Whomever you access for assistance, troubleshooting is greatly enhanced by attaching the output from the Alliance reporting tool (MPSRPT_Alliance_X86.EXE) which is available here.



Historical interest:

Documentation for IFAS AD Admins:

Object Recovery:

As of about August of 2007, UFAD completed installation of CommVault object-level backup for Active Directory. It is now running as a production service within UFAD. They are currently running one full backup of Active Directory per week (on Friday night) and incremental backups every two hours between 8 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Friday. Retention is currently set at 30 days.

This means that the UFAD staff can now easily restore single objects within Active Directory, or even individual attributes of an object to an earlier point in time. While this doesnít replace the need for cautious work, it does offer some degree of security in case of emergency. Please consider CommVault to be in place for disaster recovery purposes.

With a planned upgrade to the newest version of CommVault later in 2007, we will be able to grant individual access to unit admins for their department-side OUís. This should allow units to view and restore backed-up objects in their own department OUís without assistance from UFAD.

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