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Renaming computers
via netdom command-line

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(with thanks to Chris Hughes)

We cannot rename computers using the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool. One method is to go to the machine and use the "Change" button on the "Computer Name" tab of the "System Properties" dialog box (i.e., Properties of My Computer).

Another option is to use the netdom command with the following syntax:
netdom renamecomputer TEST /newname:IF-TEST /userd:IF-ADM-HUGHESCJ /passwordd:PassWord

Here is a spreadsheet that can make this process easier. This spreadsheet, which Chris Hughes created, shows a generally useful way for using Excel to build complicated command-lines. This is a highly recommended skill to acquire.

Things to remember when naming computers...

Don't make your names too long!

Account names in UFAD are limited to 15 characters. Since longer names are truncated when used, you will get name collisions if you have two names which are identical through 15 characters even if they differ beyond that. Long names cause problems for other applications as well, including ePO.

Names for IFAS computer objects must begin with "IF"

Standard name prefixes are required in order to avoid potential collisions with machines across units (see: UFAD Naming Standards).

Computer names should help identify where the computer account belongs

Many units add their own prefix. For example, Entomology uses a "IF-EYN-" prefix with all its machines. Plant Pathology uses the building number (i.e. IF-XXX-) and finishes off the name with the room number.

last edited 10 June 2008 by Steve Lasley