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E-mail exit procedures:

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Coordination with departing users is NECESSARY!:

Although permission removal tools have been created to assist in the exit process, there are a number of coordination aspects that must be handled (preferably in person--if possible) prior to using those:

  • Changing the user's Gatorlink profile:
    Both the forwarding address and the business address may need to be changed. These are significant because they can only be changed by the user, not by their Directory Coordinator. They are changed on the myUFL portal via "My Account > Set Gatorlink Email Forwarding" and "My Account > Modify My UF Business Email link". Alternatively they can use the links at https://login.gatorlink.ufl.edu/~am/modify.
    • The Gatorlink forwarding address should either be set to forward to their Gatorlink mail box (if they will be using Gatorlink for their e-mail) or it should be set to whatever new address they wish. Use of a commercial address such as AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail is inappropriate due to unreliability.You should make sure they understand how to do this themselves and point them to the documentation (coming). It is particularly important that they know not to point this back to an IFAS address, as that will cause an e-mail loop, with Gatorlink forwarding to IFAS and IFAS forwarding back to Gatorlink.
    • The e-mail business address is the address used by UF processes, such as the myUFL portal. This should normally be reset to the user's Gatorlink address, or new campus address if they are moving to another campus job; again, use of a commercial address such as AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail is inappropriate.
  • Training the user how to access their new e-mail address:. If this is Gatorlink, webmail use should be explained and you should point them to documentation in setting up clients for accessing Gatorlink e-mail (old UF documentation, circa '99, available here).

The mailbox removal procedure, which can be initiated by OU Admins for their users via the Permissions Removal site, uses ExMerge to back-up the mailbox to a .pst file that is then moved to \\if-srv-file01\pst where you can gain access via your IF-ADMN account. The previously existing SMTP addresses are noted before the mailbox is removed and added as aliases to a new external e-mail address (forward) that is then created and which points to "GatorlinkUsername@ufl.edu". This retains mail flow from their old addresses to their Gatorlink (or wherever their Gatorlink is forwarded--under the users own control). PLEASE NOTE: It is important that their Gatorlink forwarding be either removed or set to something other than IFAS PRIOR TO INITIATING THIS PROCESS! Dwight and Dean are the only two in IFAS who have the permissions to view how an individual's Gatorlink forwarding is currently set, so Dan would like them involved in this process to assure that mail loops are not created. The alternative is to work directly with the end user to assure that does not happen.

IFAS IT is working with John Bevis and Steve Ulmer at UF Gatorlink in an attempt to arrange the necessary access to do that automatically. UF has some legitimate concerns however, and have so far refused to set up a process or allow us to access the Gatorlink system.

last edited 15 February 2006 by Steve Lasley