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Three Motions for Improving IT Processes within IFAS:

  • Status: approved by ICC on 5/8/03

    1. Actively seek improved cross-IFAS interaction with IT policy and procedures.
      • Create a moderated IT Policy and Procedures mailing list called IT-inTouch.
      • Advertise the listís existence and purpose to the IFAS-ALL list initially and at appropriate intervals. (View example list announcement and list welcome message.)
      • The ICC and the ITPAC have similar needs in seeking input from and contact with the broadest possible IFAS base. While the ICC seeks input primarily on matters of IT procedure, the ITPAC is chartered similarly with matters of IT policy. End users are unlikely to distinguish between these two, but could benefit from a single well-advertised and easily accessible means for submitting and receiving information on IT issues of possible interest to them. Since such a list would be opt-in, it would put us in improved contact specifically with those who have interests in such matters.

    2. Document ITPAC activities via the ITPAC website in a timely fashion.
      • Publish details of committee membership and representation.
      • Publish ITPAC Policy Recommendations and their status.
      • Publish agendas, meeting minutes and notes and streaming audio.
      • Advertise all new postings via the above-proposed IT-inTouch mailing list.
      • Such documentation could assist us in evaluating our accomplishments (or lack thereof) and adjusting our activities to better meet our charter. It would also encourage and support continuity and follow-through on our recommendations.

    3. Direct IFAS IT to document IT policies and procedures as they are implemented.
      • Publish IT procedural items on the web after review by the ICC.
      • Publish official IT policies that have been endorsed by the ITPAC and implemented by IT.
      • Advertise all new postings via the above-proposed IT-inTouch mailing list.
      • Benjamin Beach of the IFAS Help Desk has a good start on the procedural aspects already in place at the Help Desk site (http://help.ifas.ufl.edu). This should continue to be expanded via a formal process in which ITNS submits written procedural documentation to the ICC for review, followed by incorporation into the Help Disk site. For matters of great urgency, ICC review can follow such publication.

        There is currently no central organized website for the publication of official IFAS IT policies. Such a site either should be created separately or incorporated into the existing Help Desk website.

    Dissent: None.

last edited 8 May 2003 by Steve Lasley