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Example Announcement and Welcome Notice

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Example List Announcement (via IFAS-ALL)

Subject: Announcing IT-inTouch, a new way to interact with IFAS Information Technology.

If you aren't interested in Information Technology within IFAS, just delete this message and we apologize for the interruption. If you think you might be, then please read on...

Announcing IT-inTouch:

IT-inTouch is a new mailing list intended to provide you a way of interacting with IFAS IT services and your IFAS IT support professionals. By subscribing to this list, you can both hear and be heard. Subscribers will be pointed to where they can go to get more information about IFAS IT services, what they are and how to make best use of them. You will receive notices of current events in IFAS IT: messages about new services and problems with current ones. You will be kept in touch with what is going on with IFAS IT and have the opportunity to provide input on where you think we should be headed and how best to get there.

If you are curious and want to give this a try, simply...[subscription instructions to go here]

You can always change your mind and unsubscribe at any time. What have you got to lose?

Example List Welcome Message (distributed upon subscribing)

Thank you for subscribing to the IT-inTouch mailing list. We hope you find it useful and that it will help your IFAS IT support professionals in getting important IT information specifically to those within IFAS who want it. We also encourage you to use this forum to provide input on how you think IFAS IT can improve.

About IFAS IT...

Central IFAS IT, headed by Dan Cromer, Acting Director, consists of a number of groups that work to provide various technical services:

  • The IFAS IT Help Desk -- [concise details go here]
  • The IFAS IT Network Systems LAN group -- [concise details go here]
  • The IFAS IT Network Systems WAN group -- [concise detail go here s]
  • The IFAS IT Software group -- [concise detail go here s]
  • The IFAS IT Business group -- [concise details go here]

In addition to your central IFAS IT staff, many units have their own IT personnel. These unit support professionals, along with the central IT staff, all work together through the IFAS Computer Coordinators (ICC) committee (http://icc.ifas.ufl.edu). This committee meets monthly to discuss and coordinate issues involved in meeting IFAS IT needs. One important function of the ICC is to provide input to the IFAS IT Policy and Advisory Committee (ITPAC).

ITPAC (http://it.ifas.ufl.edu/itpac) consists of members appointed from throughout IFAS. It is meant as a cross-section that provides representation from all aspects of IFAS programs. ITPAC meets quarterly to discuss issues of IT policy and to provide IT policy recommendations to the IT Director and IFAS upper management.

About your subscription:

  • To unsubscribe: ...
  • To modify your subscription (name, email, etc.): ...

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