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Lead: Santos Soler


There is a plan to discourage the use of FrontPage Server Extensions. Besides a number of fancy forms and the like, which these support via the FrontPage client application, the main use of these is for "webfolder" access. FrontPage and other clients can connect via UNC just as easily, so this should be the preferred access method. FTP is no longer available.

The shares on our webserver have been collapsed beneath a single share. The UNC path to use depends on the website being accessed. For example:


Info and Statistics:

  • IFAS Website Statistics via Urchin 5
    User Name: the URL of the site, minus the "http://"
    Password: ifasstats

    Note: Urchin 7 version is available for testting. Same username/pw. Please provide comments to Santos.

    The sites set up are generally limited to departments and county sites. If your site is not in the list you must request a profile. We do NOT have an unlimited number of licenses therefore if you are just curious about site statistics and do not need them for reporting please do not request a profile.

    You may request a profile at the following site: http://itsa.ifas.ufl.edu/webhosting/webstats.aspx or from http://help.ifas.ufl.edu and click on the "Web Statistics Request" link in the main navigation bar.

    IFAS IT reserves the right to approve or deny any request due to the limited number of licenses.


last edited 18 May 2011 by Steve Lasley